Civil Rights: On the Road to Civil Rights – Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama

March 3 –10, 2019 (Contact office for availability)
Led by: To be announced

Trip Price: $3,700
Single Room Supplement: $840

Join us on a carefully designed family-friendly program which focuses on understanding the Civil Rights Movement, perhaps the most significant movements to shape American history. Our program traces the history of this struggle, which began in 1955 when Rosa Parks, an Afri­can-American woman, was arrested for refusing to give up her seat at the front of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. But, it was not a movement that just took off. It was one that grew over time, through massive grassroots organi­zation, a commitment to achieve racial equality through non-violence, legislative victories, brilliant leadership and collaboration, and the sheer courage and determination of hundreds of thousands of participants. Travel with your family to the sites of the movement – from Selma to the Little Rock High School – and meet with many of the figures who were involved. Framed within the civil rights story are the histories of the music and cuisine of the South. From blues to jazz to fried chicken and biscuits, some of the most powerful and inspired creations of both southern sound and southern cuisine were born out of hardship and poverty, and today continue to evolve in exciting ways, as new populations, ingredients, and instruments influence regional culture. For those interested in social justice today there are great lessons to be learned from earlier struggles in our history where a profound demonstration of commitment, against all odds, succeeded. In the words of King: “Injustice any­where is a threat to justice everywhere.”


Day 1: Sunday. Jackson. Westin Jackson.
Day 2: Monday. Jackson.
Day 3: Tuesday. Little Rock. Burgundy Hotel.
Day 4: Wednesday. Memphis. Hu Hotel.
Day 5: Thursday. Memphis.
Day 6: Friday. Montgomery. Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa.
Day 7: Saturday. Montgomery.
Day 8: Sunday. Return from Montgomery.