Civil Rights: On the Road to Freedom – Understanding the Civil Rights Movement

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The Civil Rights Movement is perhaps one of the most significant movements to have shaped recent American history. Stopping at historical points along the way – from grocery stores to bus stations – our program focuses on the extraordinary voices that make up this history. Begin in Jackson, Mississippi, visiting the newly opened Civil Rights Museum. Accompanied by community members explore the town, including the home of Medgar Evers and COFO’s headquarters. Travel through the Mississippi Delta, spending a powerful day with a former sharecropper, and ending at the courthouse in Sumner where Emmett Till’s jury took less than an hour to find his murderers innocent. At Little Rock High School enjoy a private conversation with one of the Little Rock Nine. In Memphis visit the National Civil Rights Museum and in Birmingham meet Carolyn McKinstry, a survivor of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. Walk the bridge in Selma ending in Montgomery where Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative have recently opened significant memorials. Framed within the civil rights story are the histories of the music and cuisine of the South and both of these threads are weaved skillfully into the program. Return home from Montgomery.


Day 1. Jackson. Westin Jackson.
Day 2. Jackson.
Day 3. Little Rock. Burgundy Hotel.
Day 4. Memphis. Hu Hotel.
Day 5. Memphis.
Day 6. Montgomery. Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa.
Day 7. Montgomery.
Day 8. Return from Montgomery.