About Us

Distant Horizons was the dream of owner, Janet Moore, who, many years ago, decided she would see if she could combine her unquenchable wanderlust with a real job. From a family of academics, Janet knew the value of education and designed each trip to be led by a hand-picked scholar. From the first Asian departure in 1985, our programs have followed the same model. Whilst our list of destinations has grown so too has our passion for what we do. Not a day goes by in the Distant Horizons office in Long Beach where we do not learn something new and revealing about our world. Our small team laughs a lot together and with our travelers. And we work hard. Call us early or call us late and the chances are one of our team will be in the office finalizing details of an imminent departure or working on getting a traveler their mileage upgrade. It’s a source of pride to all of us that so many of our travelers are repeat travelers who have, over the years become friends.

We invite you to request one of our brochures or stop by our office. With over thirty four years of organizing travel to the less well-traveled parts of the globe, our staff has designed a number of customized travel itineraries which seek to unravel areas of unparalleled beauty. Be part of a small group of travelers, usually less than twenty, with each trip led by a carefully chosen scholar. Enjoy our scholar’s evening lectures and their extensive personal contacts. Enter private homes to view special collections, meet with local officials, journalists and foreign diplomats for up-to-date briefings, and attend traditional dance and musical performances, which bring ancient myths and legends to life.

Under the caring wing of our local guides, many of whom work exclusively for us, discover temples and mosques shimmering with whitewash and delicate tiles. Explore archaeological sites with walls made of brick the color of old rose, and wander through bustling spice markets. Enter villages surrounded by lush green terraces where everyday baskets and textiles represent intricate and patient work. Drive past majestic landscapes in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. Enjoy the understated elegance of some of the world’s most opulent hotels, the colonial charm of a restored villa, or, when these are not available, the simplicity of a modest room. Sample the best of traditional foods with menus selected to introduce local cuisine often in settings of indescribable beauty. The delicacy of injera eaten on a picnic in Ethiopia surrounded by the lush Simien Mountains, or a vegetarian feast prepared by Zen monks and eaten in a temple high on the hills of Koya-san. Or, as the sun casts its setting glory over the Mekong River – enjoy a farewell feast with the sounds of ancient songs echoing off surrounding sampans.

Finally roam through an ancient caravanserai, those resting places used by travelers and traders as they moved across vast distances. It was here in these architectural complexes that, over the centuries, contacts and exchanges of all kinds – commercial, human, intellectual and artistic took place between peoples and cultures. We like to think of the caravanserai as a metaphor for our trips – a chance to meet others, to learn, to discuss and to understand more of our world.