Colombia: From San Agustin To Cartagena

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No longer a country with a dangerous reputation, Colombia offers a wealth of distinct landscapes, authentic indigenous cultures, and a bold, infectious spirit. Our program begins in Colombia’s bustling Andean capital, Bogotá, where the pre-Columbian, colonial, and contemporary vie for visitor’s attention. From there, visit Villa de Leyva, a quintessential colonial Spanish settlement whose low, white buildings and cobblestone streets will bring you back in time. Fly to San Agustín and learn about the 5,000 year-old indigenous statues that dominate the area. In Popayan, we explore what is widely recognized as the best-preserved colonial town in Colombia that also represents a major religious and educational center. En route to the lush coffee zone of Colombia’s interior, experience a truly authentic indigenous market where the Guambiano people convene once a week to sell produce and hand-crafted products. Travel to Medellín, Colombia’s phoenix from the ashes and a city that successfully used community beautification and engagement to fight poverty and violence. Our journey ends in Cartagena, a fortified colonial port city whose very walls and vibrantly painted buildings seem to have their own energy and radiate a warmth and serenity that stays with visitors long after they’ve left. Return home from Cartagena.


Day 1: Depart. Arrive in Bogota. Sofitel Bogota Victoria Regia Hotel.
Day 2: Bogota.
Day 3: Bogota.
Day 4: Villa de Leyva. Hospederia Posada San Antonio.
Day 5: Villa de Leyva.
Day 6: San Agustin. Hotel Monasterio de San Agustin.
Day 7: San Agustin.
Day 8: San Agustin.
Day 9: Popayan. Hotel Dann Monasterio.
Day 10: Pereira. Hotel Boutique Casa San Carlos.
Day 11: Pereira.
Day 12: Medellin. NH Collection Royal Medellin.
Day 13: Cartagena. Hotel Ananda/Hotel Quadrifolio.
Day 14: Cartagena.
Day 15: Cartagena.
Day 16: Return home from Cartagena.