Egypt: Lands of the Nubian Pharaohs

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Explore the vast grandeur and beauty of Egypt, a land of magnificent World Heritage sites. Accompanied by renowned guide, Dina Ezz El-Din, our program begins in the rarely visited city of Alexandria, once considered the jewel of the Mediterranean. Stroll through the city’s main coffee houses and stop in at the city’s famous library.  It was reopened in 2002 to capture the spirit of the original library founded by Ptolemy and housing a great repository of ancient documents. In Cairo discover the pyramids, masterpieces of engineering before spending a night at the beautiful Al Moudira hotel in Luxor. Explore hidden ancient tombs as well as the preserved homes of the workers responsible for the city’s magnificent monuments. For three nights sail the Nile on the beautiful St. George Sonesta and learn about the enduring civilizations of the Nile. Despite the ravages of time and sand it is difficult to remain indifferent to the beauty of these sites. Pass by villages on the banks of the Nile – small, green oases brimming with life and meet with the people who depend on the Nile for their existence. From Aswan take an excursion to Abu Simbel whose high façade reveals four colossal enthroned statues of Ramses II. Return to Cairo for a final day before flying home.


Day 1. Depart US.
Day 2. Alexandria. Cecil Hotel
Day 3. Alexandria
Day 4. Cairo. Fairmont Nile City
Day 5. Cairo
Day 6. Cairo
Day 7. Aswan. Movenpick Resort Aswan
Day 8. Aswan. St. George Sonesta Cruise Ship
Day 9. Esna. St. George Sonesta Cruise Ship
Day 10. Luxor. St. George Sonesta Cruise Ship
Day 11. Luxor. Hotel Al Moudira
Day 12. Cairo. Fairmont Nile City
Day 13. Return from Cairo

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