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Found in the Desert

Man stands, hands in pocket, on a rocky beach with the ocean and wind shaped sand arches in the background.

One of our favorite Moroccan guides, Jalil Benlabili, reflects on his year when the world stood still during COVID-19. Jalil writes, “COVID just as everywhere, hit Morocco hard and I went from being completely booked to no work at all. My livelihood is my country and I decided to start exploring areas I did not… Read more »


Beyond Marrakech and Fez

Behind the roofs of earthen buildings, a vast green oasis of grass and trees blankets the land

Standing in front of the Tafilalt Oasis, it was hard to understand how anyone had called this an oasis. I tend to think of an oasis as a small patch of greenery given life by an equally small source of water. As far as my eyes could see there was green. And when I say… Read more »


Ramadan in Morocco during lockdown

Moroccan iftar table with traditional dishes

Normally, the centuries old traditions of Ramadan are sociable affairs as abstaining from food and water during daylight hours gives way to festive feasts and communal gatherings at dusk. With the coronavirus upending these faith-based traditions, we asked Ahlam Ben Saga, one of the journalists we meet with on some of our Morocco tours, to… Read more »


A Review of the Villa Mandarine Hotel, Rabat

Villa Mandarine - Rabat, Morocco

Compared to Morocco’s seductive Marrakech and Fez, Rabat is a colorful, sunny oasis of calm just waiting to be explored. Rabat is the country’s untapped, culture-rich capital. It is brimming with buried cities, majestic mosques, mouth-watering food and an emerging contemporary art scene. We guarantee we can keep you enthralled with a range of experiences… Read more »


The Perfect Chicken Tagine Recipe

We are excited to share with you a Chicken Tagine recipe from Michelin-star chef Mourad Lahlou. This is a modern twist on a traditional, indeed iconic Moroccan dish that you will enjoy on our Morocco tours. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Tagine dish, you can use a skillet with a cover or even… Read more »


A Review of the “Crossing Borders” Documentary

Crossing Borders Documentary - Morocco

Even when our passports remain safely tucked away, the enduring power of travel can still connect us. It can remind us that we share much more than our media, and sadly, sometimes our governments, lead us believe. In 2007, the German filmmaker Arnd Wächter brought four college-age Americans to Morocco to join four Moroccans of… Read more »