“The Distant Horizons trip provides a glorious and eclectic adventure to even the most seasoned traveler. The guides, the sights, the accommodations all combined to offer a rich cultural experience. We did indeed enter the soul of Russia on this trip.”

Jeanie Goddard, The Heart and Soul of Russia 2018

“We just returned from a wonderful private trip to Japan arranged through Distant Horizons. We worked with Julie to develop an itinerary that suited our particular interests and style of travel. Distant Horizons did a great job of planning for us. Everything was very clear and meticulously described in our itinerary, even down to diagrams of the trains stations to aid us in changing trains during travel between cities. It is hard to say what we liked best, but the Beniya Mukaya (A Japanese onsen) was definitely a special place. All of the planned activities were especially good (the tea ceremony in Tokyo, making Washi paper, the cooking class in Kyoto and the visit to the knife maker in Osaka). I was glad that we had taken Julie’s suggestions on all of those. We will not hesitate to use Distant Horizons again for future travels and we recommend them highly.”

Karen Lindfors, Japan 2018

“Iran is a beautiful country with warm, friendly and welcoming people. A visit there dispels what many Americans believe. Distant Horizons provides a well-planned, in depth experience of the history and culture of this part of the world.”

Helen Nedelman, Iran, 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed my recent Pan Am Historical Foundation Legacies and Landscapes of Cuba adventure. It was a perfect combination of a well thought-out itinerary + wonderful hosts + a perfectly matched group of like-minded travelers. I would be remiss if I did not also add that Distant Horizon’s on-the-ground team of Natalia Makarova and Jorge Perez not only exceeded expectations, but set (for me at least) a new standard in terms of service, concern, sensitivity, and knowledge; I have traveled to over 50 countries and all 7 continents and have never encountered professionalism on the level that they provided to me and our group. What especially stood out was their unsolicited willingness to accommodate even the smallest special requests made by some of our members- in particular Mr. Perez’s staying up late to arrange and accompany me to an evening of cutting-edge Cuban jazz in Havana which was a highlight that I shall never forget as jazz is one of my biggest passions in life.

I can’t say enough good things about this trip, Distant Horizon’s President, Janet Moore, runs a first class operation.”

George Chaltas, Cuba 2018

“The cars were perfect for all of us and the guides were knowledgeable and helpful. Our sightseeing made the trip!

I feel that you and the company put together a perfect itinerary [to India] and a trip I will long remember with joy.”

Eleanor Peterson, Down the Ganges 2017

“The less familiar you are with the country that you’ll be visiting, the more you need a company, like Distant Horizons, with expertise in that area to help you avoid the less obvious pitfalls.”

Malinda Wright, Iran and Uzbekistan 2010 and Iran 2018

“Distant Travel has organized two trips for us to Iran, each covering different parts of the country. Their tours are meticulously crafted and guided both times by superbly skilled guides. I am so grateful to have seen the considerable amount that remains of six or seven millennia of Persian history, architecture, and art.”

Valerie Tracy, Iran and Uzbekistan 2010 and Iran 2018

“We had a fantastic time in India, and the trip you planned for us was wonderful! The guides were all great, our Delhi driver Shanti was irreplaceable, all logistics worked smoothly, and the hotels were lovely. I would say that the temples at Khajuraho, the Taj Mahal, and Elephanta Island were my favorite things. Watching the faithful in action in Varanasi was amazing! Thanks again for all your help. We can’t wait for our next adventure, and when we are ready to plan, we’ll be back in touch with you.”

Pamela Mann, customized trip to India 2014

“Many of us wept when we entered the first garden.  No photo can capture spiritual beauty. This was a dream trip for me.  Many times we are disappointed when we look forward to something.  You helped me have a trip that was in all ways beyond my wildest dreams”

Ellen Wall, Gardens of Japan 2014

“I just took my second trip with Distant Horizons in 12 months. Last year I went with them to the Himalayas. This year I went to Ethiopia. It was supposed to be a group tour but it ended up being just me. This posed no problem to Distant Horizons. Janet Moore and staff were always available, knowledgeable and proactive. I had the same itinerary (superbly planned out) as if the group was going. Plus I was able to add a post-tour excursion to the Omo Valley. Distant Horizons local partner in Ethiopia was extremely capable and provided amazing on-ground services. Distant Horizons really looks after its clients. It delivers what it promises. I had my own guide, driver and superb vehicle. Distant Horizons often checked in with me to make sure all was going smoothly.

Ethiopia is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough trip. I so appreciated Janet Moore’s complete honesty with me. They use the absolute best hotels available and I saw this too on my tour to the Himalayas. In Addis, the best hotel meant the Sheraton Luxury Collection property but when the best available was not great, Janet Moore said so upfront.

It was an amazing trip in an amazing country and I am grateful for all the work that Distant Horizons and their local partners did to make this such an extraordinary experience. I look forward to travelling with them again.”

Marty Thomas, Himalayan Kingdoms 2013, Ethiopia 2014

“We have travelled to 125 countries and without doubt Distant Horizons is the best travel company for exploring unique destinations. You can be assured that the trip will be perfectly organized, that their knowledgeable leader will provide a rich context for learning, and that you will return home enriched by the cultural experiences that all Distant Horizons trips provide.”

Bill & Joy Appleby, Indonesia 2012, Ethiopia 2013, Caucasus 2014

“I recently returned from a Distant Horizons organized trip to Iran. The itinerary was superb and the Iranian guide, who accompanied us throughout) was outstanding. Accommodations ranged from satisfactory to outstanding. The coaches provided were comfortable and air-conditioned. Frequent “comfort stops” were offered. This made travel on longer distances very manageable.

Distant Horizons has extensive experience in Iran travel. They also provided arrangements in 2000 when I made a private journey there. I recommend them for persons interested in traveling to Iran.”

Linda Bacon, Iran 2014

“Wow! And another Wow!  Distant Horizons provided me a trip of a lifetime.  Where to start?  Before my trip, all of the education and information provided by Distant Horizons. Nothing – absolutely nothing – missed.  Also before the trip, of course, meticulous advance planning in Cuba.  The places we visited were so brilliantly chosen.  And then, the management of the trip and the trippers.  Your tour manager, Julie, was simply magnificent.  Cheerful, helpful, informative, just perfect.  I seem to be repeating myself, but Distant Horizons did really give me the trip of a lifetime.

Gray Felstiner, Legacies and Landscapes of Cuba from Santiago to Havana 2014

“It was a great trip! Thank you for all your help and all the advance mailings and my individual itinerary. Very helpful!”

Barbara Swedell, Iran 2014

“In February 2014, we took a People to People trip to Cuba with Distant Horizons. Every aspect of our trip was top rate. In the planning stages, Janet and her staff went above and beyond to provide answers to all of our questions and accommodate our needs. Brochures, information packets and documentation all arrived on time and had our group well prepared. Once in Cuba the Distant Horizon representative Patricia and the local guide Osmin were pleasant and capable in every way. The DH connections to professors, artists, dancers, musicians and locals gave us access to in-depth conversations and wonderful food! We also had Dr. Joe Scarpaci from the Cuban Center for Culture and Economy to guide us on architectural tours of Havana. Accommodations were gorgeous and much more than expected. All in all it was a wonderful week and I came home with new knowledge and appreciation for what’s going on with our Cuban neighbor. I believe it will all change once US-Cuban relations open up. It was good to see the “before”. And you can feel confident that you’ll really see it in a great way with Janet Moore and Distant Horizons. And no, I’m not a relative, just a satisfied customer!”

Mary Anne Aue, Cuba 2014

“I can comfortably say, after more than 40 years of almost non-stop travel, that Iran is among the most beautiful, elegant, fascinating and varied places I’ve ever been, and in many respects (refinement, sophistication and pleasure and safety) maybe the single best foreign country I’ve ever visited. I was lucky enough to enjoy a 16-day tour across the country in September 2013, put together by Distant Horizons and their expert colleagues in Tehran, and since then all I’ve been doing is boring my friends with stories of walking, amazed, through the great blue mosques of Isfahan; watching the sun set over the haunting, mud-walled old city of Yazd, in the middle of the desert; sitting out on teahouses, under colored lights, with running water everywhere, munching on sweet watermelons and understanding why it was Iran that gave us our word for “Paradise”; and meeting people as stylish, warm and welcoming as I have found anywhere.

My guide, Ali, was far and away the most eloquent, erudite and dazzling guide I’ve ever met–his English was better than mine (he’d been educated in Britain) and he could speak on everything from mystical poetry to roses to motorbikes with élan. And I had been warned that the main thing any American has to fear when going to Iran is friendliness and an excess of invitations to come and dine in people’s homes, and found every such report to be true. The people all around me couldn’t have been more cordial, more open and (in many cases) more eager to hear about America, and after a world-class photographer followed me to Iran, all we’ve been doing is thinking about how we can possibly get back to this endlessly rich and constantly unexpected country.”

Pico Iyer, customized trip to Iran 2013

“I have traveled with Distant Horizons since 1994 starting with the Silk Road in China 1994, Himalayan Kingdoms 1997, Iran in 1997, Saudi Arabia 2000, Indonesia 2006, and Sri Lanka 2011.

Janet Moore is an excellent planner of trips. She personally investigates closely each program they offer. She is meticulous in selecting the most interesting locations of a country and times to go. As an example, in Sri Lanka, she timed our trip to coincide with the fantastic procession of Perahera in Kandy which included some 210 trained elephants covered in precious silk. To climb the Sirigia rock fortress she made sure we attempted the climb in the morning when the 1400 stairs would be in the shade.

Distant Horizons is usually the first travel agency to spot a newly available destination. Our group was the first American group to go to Iran. Iranians were surprised and delighted to see Americans come to their country which had been shunned by the West for 18 years.

I would highly recommend Distant Horizons!”

Christa McReynolds, Sri Lanka 2011