Madagascar: A World Apart

August 19 – September 4, 2022
Led by Mr. Kenny Carlino

Trip Price: $7,240
Single Room Supplement: $1,970
Domestic air: $1,120


We realize now more than ever plans for future travel can be a bit uncertain. We want you to feel secure in signing up for the trip now and we are going to offer that your deposit be completely refundable up until the time the final payment is due at 60 days prior to departure. Book your Madagascar tour today!


Madagascar is often referred to as the eighth continent, a land like no other in the world where the Indri sings a song of inexpressible beauty. It is home to eighteen very different tribal groups each with their own different languages and traditions. Join us as we explore Tana, the country’s capital and home to the Merina, the political and economic leaders. Head east to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and the wonderful Mantadia Lodge. Explore the dense tropical rainforest with 14 species of lemurs and over 100 species of birds and flowering orchids before following the N7 south through Antsirabe where local crafts people use waste to create tools and delicate pieces of art. Continue south to Ranomafana Park where the rare golden bamboo lemur was discovered in 1986 by Dr. Patricia Wright. Visit her research center and learn of their valuable work before driving through a magnificent landscape of terraced fields. Arriving at the Isalo National Park marvel at a breathtaking landscape of craggy rocks and dazzling mountains. In Toliara, coastal Madagascar provides a striking contrast with its Baobab trees and fishermen using boats carved today as they have been for centuries. End with three nights at the exceptional Masoala Forest Lodge with access to some of the rare and endemic species of Madagascar. Return home from Tana.


Day 1. Depart US
Day 2. Antananarivo. Grand Hotel Urban
Day 3. Antananarivo
Day 4. Andasibe. Mantadia Lodge
Day 5. Andasibe
Day 6. Antsirabe. Couleur Café
Day 7. Ranomafana. Setam Lodge
Day 8. Ranomafana
Day 9. Isalo. Isalo Rock Lodge
Day 10. Isalo
Day 11. Toliara. Famata Lodge
Day 12. Antananarivo. Grand Hotel Urban
Day 13. Masoala National Park. Masoala Forest Lodge
Day 14. Masoala National Park
Day 15. Masoala National Park
Day 16. Antananarivo. Grand Hotel Urban
Day 17. Return Home


We understand that you may have concerns about travel and we wanted to confirm that we are taking concrete steps to ensure your health. Please note the following and also note that these policies may be modified as we are provided with more information regarding COVID 19 and its spread.

1. Deposits will be 100% refundable up until final payment is due
2. Our group size will not be more than 12 travelers plus staff
3. Everyone will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test result valid from 96 hours prior to departure
4. Each traveler’s temperature will be taken each day to ensure that no-one on the trip has a temperature
5. Face masks will be provided and will be expected to be worn during all group activities.
6. Hotels used on our program will be adhering to the American Hotel and Lodging Association guidelines.
7. Restaurants used on our program will be adhering to social distancing requirements with servers and staff wearing masks
8. All museums visited will be following social distance requirements
9. Buses will be sanitized several times a day during touring.
10. Hand Sanitizer will be readily available on the buses and each traveler expected to use it as they re-board the bus after each activity
11. Bus drivers, tour managers and leaders will be required to show a negative COVID-19 test prior to meeting the group and will have their temperature tested daily.
12. All speakers will be required to maintain social distancing requirements.


We love organizing private journeys as much as we love putting together our group programs. If you would prefer, a customized journey can be planned for one person or a larger group of families or friends, and we would be delighted to work with you on your dream tour that reflects your interests, your pace and your budget.