Iran: The Changing Faces of Iran

2019 Departures
April 1 – April 17, 2019
Led by Dr. Peter Clark, OBE

Trip Price: $6,360
Single Room Supplement: $1,580

October 3 – October 19, 2019
Led by Dr. Peter Clark, OBE

Trip Price: $6,360
Single Room Supplement: $1,580

Iran has one of the longest histories of human civilization of any modern day country spanning from the temporal roots of the Persian Empire all the way to its current status as a controversial regional power. We begin in Tehran, Iran’s turbulent yet proud capital city. Head north to the holy Islamic pilgrimage city of Mashhad to see the ornate burial place of the 9th century martyr, Imam Reza. Explore Kerman, a key stop on the ancient Silk Road and birthplace of the Iranian Dervish order. In Yazd, experience perfectly preserved Persian architecture and the ancient Persian religion of Zoroastrianism while navigating its distinctive winding alleyways. Continue on to Persepolis via Shiraz and marvel at the UNESCO-protected ruins of the city that were built to be the most commanding and regal of the ancient world. Drive to Isfahan, a flawless substantiation of Persian culture, where everything from millennia-old mosques shrouded in meticulously painted tiles to its quaint bridges fit seamlessly into this municipal masterpiece. Finally, wind down in Kashan amongst traditional Persian gardens and the city’s well-known bazaar, boasting of artisanship famous since the 11th century’s Seljuk dynasty. Return home from Tehran.


Day 1: Depart the US.
Day 2: Tehran. Espinas Hotel.
Day 3: Tehran.
Day 4: Mashhad. Ghasr Talaee International Hotel.
Day 5: Mashhad.
Day 6: Kerman. Pars Hotel.
Day 7: Kerman.
Day 8: Yazd. Moshir Garden Hotel.
Day 9: Yazd.
Day 10: Shiraz. Zandiyeh Hotel.
Day 11: Shiraz.
Day 12: Isfahan. Abbasi Hotel.
Day 13: Isfahan.
Day 14: Isfahan.
Day 15: Tehran. Manouchehri Hotel.
Day 16: Return home from Tehran. Novotel Tehran Imam Khomeni International Airport Hotel.
Day 17: Return home from Tehran.