North and South Ethiopia: In Search of the Ark

2019 Departure
October 6 – October 24, 2019
Led by Mr. Yitbarek Mamo

Trip Price: $6,570
Single Room Supplement: $1,660

The deepest roots of humanity can be found in Ethiopia, where evidence of prehistoric, ancient, and post-classical times abounds. A land raw in its beauty, spirituality, and sheer timelessness, Ethiopia is a travel jewel not to be missed. Our trip starts in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s sprawling capital city, whose juxtapositions are representative of the country’s conflicting identities as a prominent, developing African power but simultaneously home to hundreds of tribal groups. Head north to Lake Tana, the pure source of the revered Blue Nile River where ancient Ethiopian Orthodox monasteries can be found tucked away on the lake’s islands. In Gondar, stand within the fortified walls of a 17th century royal city, then, in Axum, roam the ruins of this ancient capital where the elusive Ark of the Covenant is claimed to have been kept for thousands of years. Fly to Lalibela and discover the massive, ornate churches dug deep into the earth where priests worship in a cool subterranean world, silent except for the faint echoes of distant steps. We finish our journey in Southern Ethiopia with visits to a number of tribal groups. The Omo Valley is one of the few remaining pockets of life on earth where people continue to live in the tribal way of their ancestors. Learn about their distinctive languages and social structure before returning home from Addis Ababa.


Day 1: Depart.
Day 2: Addis Ababa. Sheraton Hotel.
Day 3: Addis Ababa.
Day 4: Lake Tana. Kuriftu Resort and Spa.
Day 5: Gondar. Goha Hotel.
Day 6: Gondar.
Day 7: Axum. Yeha Hotel.
Day 8: Axum.
Day 9: Lalibela. Maribela Hotel.
Day 10: Lalibela.
Day 11: Awassa. Haile Resort.
Day 12: Arba Minch. Haile Resort.
Day 13: Arba Minch.
Day 14: Jinka. Eco-Omo Lodge.
Day 15: Turmi. Buska Lodge.
Day 16: Turmi.
Day 17: Addis Ababa. Sheraton Hotel.
Day 18: Addis Ababa. Day rooms until 6.00pm.
Day 19: Return home from Addis Ababa.