Lands of the Nubian Pharaohs

October 31 - November 13, 2018
Optional extension November 11 – November 16, 2018
Led by Mr. Ahmed Abu El Ella

Trip Price: $7,870
Price for extension: $TBA based on double occupancy
Single Room Supplement: $TBA

In Sudan, a country that boasts more pyramids than Egypt, intrepid travelers can discover the enduring traces of ancient and powerful Nubian kingdoms, traverse striking desert landscapes and follow along the trade routes that once brought ebony, ivory, incense and gold. Begin in Khartoum, Sudan’s capital, positioned at the nexus of the life-sustaining White and Blue Niles before heading to Meroe, marked by hundreds of magnificent Kushite pyramid. The Nubians were warriors and empire builders and they left superb carvings adorning their structures. From Karima, explore the Jebel Barkal, home to the god Amun whose temple, with its imperious granite rams, became the center of the Kushite kingdom. At the necropolis of El-Kurru, the tombs of the black Abyssinian kings who once ruled over Egypt, are tunneled deep into the rock. Further north, Sebu features more than 1,600 rock drawings depicting daily life in different eras of Nubian civilization. Pass by villages on the banks of the Nile—small, green oases brimming with life—to reach Soleb, home to Sudan’s most beautiful temple where massive columns are carved as stylized palms. Cross the Egyptian border and visit Abu Simbel, where four, colossi of Ramses II have been cut into the cliff face. Finish with a cruise on the Egyptian Nile or return to Cairo to visit the new Grand Egyptian Museum that rises up on the Giza plains, in sight of the pyramids that inspired it.



October 31: Wednesday. Depart US.
November 1: Thursday. Khartoum. Corinthia Hotel.
November 2: Friday. Khartoum.
November 3: Saturday. Meroe. Meroe Camp.
November 4: Sunday. Meroe.
November 5: Monday. Karima. Nubian Rest House.
November 6: Tuesday. Karima.
November 7: Wednesday. Karima.
November 8: Thursday. Tombos. Preset Camp.
November 9: Friday. Tombos.
November 10: Saturday. Abu Simbel. Seti Abu Simbel Lake Resort.
November 11: Sunday. Cairo. Mena House Hotel.
November 12: Monday. Cairo.
November 13: Tuesday. Return from Cairo.

Optional extension

November 11: Sunday. Nile Cruise.
November 12: Monday. Nile Cruise.
November 13: Tuesday. Nile Cruise.
November 14: Wednesday. Cairo. Mena House Hotel
November 15: Thursday. Cairo.
November 16: Friday. Return from Cairo.

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