Balkans Mosaic: Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia

September 18 – October 1, 2021
Led by Edin Ogresevic

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Located at a crossroads of northern and southern as well as eastern and western cultures, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia have long been an important cultural junction and coveted prizes in the ebbing and flowing of empires and kingdoms. Our journey will uncover their complex layers of social and cultural history and allow us to better understand their contemporary narratives. We begin with three days in Sarajevo, the heart if Bosnia Herzegovina where the First World War began, and still today houses the remnants of the empires that ruled here. Continue south to the historic town of Mostar, with its stunning old Turkish houses and Old Bridge giving a sense of what this 15th and 16th century Ottoman town was once like. Set off to Montenegro, driving through medieval towns before stopping at the breathtaking Kravice waterfalls, plunging from high cliffs into a beautiful natural reserve. Spend two nights in the majestic Kotor Bay lined with baroque towns which are like a living breathing museums. Drive along the coast to Dubrovnik, the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, still as lustrous and grand as it was in the 17th century, discovering beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. From here we head to Split, discovering fishing villages and vineyards along the way. Spend two nights in Split, home to one of the best preserved Mediterranean Roman palaces. Spend a day at Plitvice National Park, one of Europe’s great natural wonders before arriving in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. Once a stop on the Orient Express, where Western and Eastern Europe meets, it remains a dichotomy of old ways and new, of tradition and progress. The multiculturalism and the complexities will be clarified not only through visits to the magnificent historical sites but also through opportunities to engage with local communities and speakers representing a range of experiences and professions.


Day 1. Depart the US.
Day 2. Sarajevo. Hotel President
Day 3. Sarajevo
Day 4. Sarajevo
Day 5. Mostar. Hotel Eden
Day 6. Kotor Bay. Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast
Day 7. Kotor Bay.
Day 8. Dubrovnik. Hotel Palace
Day 9. Split. Cornaro Hotel
Day 10. Split
Day 11. Zagreb. Hotel Dubrovnik
Day 12. Zagreb
Day 13. Zagreb
Day 14. Return home from Zagreb


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