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Travel is above all, an act of discovery. In 2017, we invite you to join us on a richly textured experience through a kaleidoscope of landscapes and cultures. On the following pages you can read about our trips and discover our approach to travel.

Be part of a small group of travelers led by our carefully chosen guest scholars. Enjoy their early evening lectures and their talents for embracing the unexpected and using those events as tolls for understanding the splendid cultures that surround us. Learn and laugh with our local guides, many of whom work exclusively for us.

Travel in as much comfort as each country can provide, but do not travel expecting to replicate the comforts of home. Drive in comfortable vehicles and stay in hotels that we have given much thought to. They may range from luxurious or a restored colonial home, to a simple inn whose balconies overlook a plaza in central Cuba. Discover streets of local cuisine – the fresh tomatoes that accompany each meal in Uzbekistan so perfumed and full of flavor, they could be a meal alone. Enjoy the spots we have chosen for our meals – a trendy new restaurant or, bathed in the pink light of the setting sun, travel by camel with all sounds muted by the towering, rolling sand dunes of the Moroccan desert to a farewell feast.

Travel. Sometimes it's a plan of escape, an opportunity to learn new things or an attempt to gain a perspective on life. And sometimes it's our chance to connect.

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